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At Woodstown Ice & Coal, we know you want the absolute best for your animals. That’s why we carry products that ensure your animals stay happy and healthy year-round.

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Excellence for your equine can be achieved with our premium feed products that equip from mane to tail. Our wide selection of feeds allows you to take full control over the health of your horse.


Proper nutrition is a must when it comes to your herd, and here at Woodstown Ice & Coal, we put the top-of-the-line care for all your cattle necessities.


Don’t skimp out on buying lower quality feed for your flock. Here at Woodstown Ice & Coal, we have everything you need to ensure your poultry are looking perfect.


Our premium selection of bird feed and feeders will keep your feathered friends singing all year long. Stop by our store to see all the bird products we offer!

Small Animals

From Chinchillas, to Guinea Pigs and Hamsters, Woodstown Ice & Coal has you covered for all your small animal needs. Show these little ones some love with our variety of feeds from various brands.


Make sure your next deer is healthy and close by. With products like Purina® Antler Max® and Antler Advantage®, the deer can’t stay away! Hunters will love these products for the upcoming hunting season.


Woodstown Ice & Coal has everything you need to reel in your next fish. With products like Purina® AquaMax®, you’ll have fish nibbling on your hook in no time. We also carry Koi Platinum Nuggets from Mazuri®.


Your rabbits will be jumping for joy with our feed selection. We carry only the best brands for your rabbits. Stop by our store and check out what we have to offer for your rabbit.


We at Woodstown Ice & Coal know how much you value your furry companions. That’s why we’re stocked with the absolute best in food, supplies, and health supplements. Show your pets and small animals the love they deserve with our selection of fantastic feeds.


Woodstown Ice & Coal has everything you need to keep your goats strong and healthy. Stop by our store and see why your goats deserve the gold standard.

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